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Stephanie Bolze is a french mexico-based painter. Though her career has started not long ago, it is still without an education in the visual arts that she attained her present status. As of now, her main preoccupation is the work of the pigment and the material. She finds herself in a constant experiment of pictorial combination and technical amalgams.

As an artist, her aesthetical figurations are based on trips she made to landscapes raging from the french nordic beaches to the deep canadian woods in the middle of the winter. Her figuration is always based on something. If it is not on what has been seen, it is on what has been felt. And that, is where some of her small-sized abstractions or some of her figurative works evolve around, personal experience. Balzac once said : The mission of art is not to copy nature, but to express it”. In this I see how she relates to it.

Her experiences on matter have gone from painting with different materials such as water-based paint to more acryllic paints. She has also worked on the medium, recently trying to apply paint on suede giving an interesting result in the transformation of her coup and how the pigment itself is absorbed because of the matter itself. She has also tried to include unusual objects into the painting itself as complementary objects. That is the result of works in which the feminine form is finished by a paper-made hair.

More recent works also have shown an interest by her part for different techniques such as impasto with the palette or graffiti-like paintings with sprays. Experimentation and research is what is presently driving this artist into realizing her works. Nevertheless, the same base is always present, either what is publicly visible or what is personally felt.

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Fragmented Bodies